How Route Accounting Solutions Help Drivers Reach More Stops

How Route Accounting Solutions Help Drivers Reach More Stops

A study was conducted by the Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) which stated that even the most effective direct store delivery (DSD) suppliers spend 13.8 fewer minutes for each delivery to large-format stores. It also reported them devoting twice as much time to merchandising in comparison to the inefficient suppliers. The question then arises, how can route efficiency be improved, and the key is through mobile solutions? 

Here’s how:

  • As per the GMA, DSD drivers spend about 6% of their time creating invoices at customer locations. DSD solutions that make use of mobile computing technology enable the drivers to complete their deliveries quickly, while also generating accurate invoices automatically on their mobile printers and mobile devices. 
  • Several of the DSD solutions are equipped with optimisation engines so that the drivers don’t have to spend a lot of time behind the wheel and can instead focus on merchandising and servicing accounts.
  • In addition to speeding up the on-shelf inventory management process, mobile computers that have the feature of barcode scanning help the drivers in scanning the merchandise off of their truck inventory. Jotting down inventory counts is, therefore, something the drivers won’t have to spend time on.
  • Invoice information can be automatically transmitted to the retailers via the Direct Exchange electronic data interchange standard. The presence of DEX connectivity helps the route accounting solution in getting rid of the arduous check-in processes while also eradicating errors and administrative expenses. The GMA study also reported that automated check-in can decrease the DSD receiving time by 60%.
  • When you have the combination of more accurate inventory data, automated invoicing, and DEX connectivity, the entire reconciliation process is automated by route accounting solutions. Therefore, manually matching their paperwork is something the drivers will no longer have to do. 
  • On-site payment processing can take place, allowing for quicker payments. 
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