How Orbis DSD is Impacting the Wholesale Distribution Industry

Orbis DSD

The wholesale industry has been far behind others when it comes to automation and invention. Outdated systems, lack of technology, and workers who can handle the use of the diverse technological applications have been sorely lacking.

Innovation in the Wholesale Distribution Industry

Companies like Amazon are becoming a pioneer in the landscape by establishing an entirely new era of innovation to meet customer demands creatively.

This includes giving your workers enough power and easy solutions through automation. Here are all the ways you can accomplish that.

  • Streamlined business processes.

It’s time to create core business standards to govern the entire industry.

  • Focus on technologically capable hires

Younger generations are unusually tech-savvy, which can be capitalized by hiring people who can integrate new technology in a warehouse.

  • Prioritize the platforms

It’s not just the product the customers get attracted to. What platform is selling the product also matters because of the shopping experience.

  • Overhaul of remote technology for sales reps.

Hundreds of sales reps can be equipped with mobile devices that send them talking points based on real-time data.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

IoT is a developing field with lots of potential in improving customer experience.


The Importance Of DSD In The Industry

Direct Store Delivery solutions are a B2B process that lets manufacturers sell goods to the customers from the warehouse directly to the stores. This is the future of the wholesale industry, and the only way to effectively manage DSD systems is to use cloud ERP systems like Orbis DSD Route Accounting and Planning Software, which is custom made for this industry.

B2B e-commerce is an $8 trillion market in the US, and DSD plays an important role in determining its success.

What Can You Do With A DSD Solution Like Orbis?

  • Create standard process flows to guide accurate deliveries.
  • Increase productivity through automation.
  • Improve sales cycle.
  • Reduce problems with return collection and refund.
  • Eliminate paperwork.
  • Make a payment allocation flexible.
  • Reduce disputes between customers and delivery workforce through better documentation.
  • Improve process visibility and loss of inventory with accountability in place.

Generate real-time data of the field analysis and make informed business decisions that yield better results and help foster customer relationships. Contact us to find out more about Orbis DSD Route Accounting and Planning Software.


Let us provide you with a customized product demo on simulated data to ensure you see the solution in action relative to your business requirements.