How is Location Intelligence Changing Route Optimisation?

Orbis DSD Computime

Data is generated by individuals every single moment of the day. Statistics suggested that in 2020 alone, every human being would generate 1.7 MB of data every second. Data points would be provided by their preferences, interests, location, and also financial transactions, which would then provide inputs to businesses and governments regarding their next best strategy. Location intelligence, therefore, plays a huge role in this process.

Location intelligence makes use of spatial data in order to enhance the decisions that are the center of every logistics and delivery management app. Therefore, it helps the companies by making use of location and the associated data points to develop different use cases that suit the company. Location intelligence also helps with route optimisation or DSD route planning. Let us take a look at five ways location intelligence is bringing about changes in route optimisation:

  • Traffic issues can often cause delays in deliveries of services and products to customers. With the help of location intelligence, businesses can determine what are the best periods for movement, what the alternative routes are, etc. Possible routes can be identified, real-time data on traffic and signals can be analysed, best alternate routes can be calculated, tasks can be assigned to the nearest agents, and last-mile deliveries can be tracked as well.
  • Location intelligence allows for the best routes to be selected for delivery and assign agents who are closest to the delivery point. It provides insights into the shortest routes between the pick-up and drop locations so that cost efficiency can be taken into account as well.
  • When manual planning is involved in logistics, it doesn’t reflect important data regarding the delivery processes. However, with location intelligence optimising DSD route planning, this data can be uncovered so as to reveal the unique way in which a business or company operates. Once location intelligence provides you with this data, you can then use it accordingly for the welfare of your business.
  • By positively affecting route optimisation, location intelligence also brings about cost efficiency, through which companies end up saving at least 20-30% on fuel, which therefore increases their output by 100%, depending on the nature of their business. It also allows for timely deliveries to take place so that complaints can be avoided, therefore increasing a customer’s trust in your brand.
  • Tracking vehicles carrying goods is yet another positive factor incorporated with the help of location intelligence. For instance, if mishaps take place on the road, this feature could help you save money on medical bills, insurance, vehicle replacement, and also the loss of customers and clients.
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