The Partnership Opportunity

Orbis products enhance the opportunity to increase your revenue with additional sales to your current customer base, as well as enabling you to sell a complete solution to prospective clients. All Orbis products are certified and customer validated through the Acumatica’s ISV program.

Participation Levels

We offer two Partner Program types to certified Acumatica Value Added Resellers.

Strategic Partner

The Strategic Partner Program is suitable for those Acumatica VAR partners who purchase Orbis products for resale to end-users on a periodic basis, and in addition who implement and support Orbis products directly. As a part of the Strategic Partner Program, the Partner has established Orbis as a preferred vendor. The Strategic Partner understands that Orbis products are an integral part of their business and its staff attends sales and implementation training.

Referral Partner

The Referral Partner Program is suitable for those organisations who have a prospect for Orbis products but do not want to be involved in the sale or implementation of the Orbis products.

Sales Enablement

We provide a wide range of sales tools for Orbis products, including:


We offer training on all our Orbis products and strongly encourages every Strategic Partner to take advantage of the training opportunities that are offered by being prepared to install Orbis products. Training takes place at our corporate office, onsite at the partner’s premises, online, or at the Acumatica Summit. For Referral Partners, no formal training is required, however adequate knowledge of how to introduce and position the solution is recommended. 

Implementation Support

We offer onsite and remote consulting support for Orbis products. Rates for these services depend on the terms of the engagement.

Product Support

All licensed Orbis products require subscription or maintenance plans which include upgrades to new versions at no additional cost. The Orbis technical team will provide support to partners on all Orbis products.  


Let us provide you with a customized product demo on simulated data to ensure you see the solution in action relative to your business requirements.


For more information about the Orbis Partner Program or to set a customized product demo on simulated data just send us a request.