5 Ways Delivery Management Software Boosts Customer Experience

5 Ways Delivery Management Software Boosts Customer Experience

Pleasing the customer is the main aim of any business. Among the most crucial elements a company should be focusing on in terms of customer experience, the one feature that always enriches a customer’s bond with the company is efficient delivery management software. 

While good products catch the eye of a customer, prompt delivery and competent customer service is what keeps them loyal and coming back for more. Here are some of the ways in which delivery management software boosts a customer’s experience:

Provides your customers with different delivery options

Not only does this allow your customers to choose a delivery method of their preference, but also allows businesses to relax in terms of meeting high demands. Multiple delivery options allow a DSD solution to eradicate all the shipping concerns such as cost, speed, and location of delivery. Go for options such as free delivery, local delivery, global delivery, affordable delivery, custom delivery, standard delivery, and also same-day delivery.

Allows customers to track their deliveries

Before the onset of the pandemic, many consumers still hadn’t tried to order online and didn’t know what the delivery process entailed. For people belonging to this category, especially older consumers who may be less tech-savvy, it’s important to feel in control and in charge of the situation. A big element of this involves being able to track their deliveries. The journey of a product and being able to keep an eye on it makes them feel like they are a part of the process as well.

Enables customers to choose the time and date of delivery

Delivery management software enables you to divide each day into different time slots, post which customers can choose their preferred delivery slot. The software also collaborates with order management systems so that every new delivery is labelled based on the preference of the customer.

Sends notifications to customers about the delivery

Delivery management software sends out notifications to customers beforehand regarding the delivery so that they are aware of it and don’t end up missing it. An email or an SMS delivered 24 hours prior to the delivery is a good way to inform the customers of the impending delivery. DSD solutions utilise cloud technology to make this happen.

Gives drivers the freedom to directly communicate with the customers

Through dashboards and phone apps, delivery management software gives drivers the freedom to communicate with customers directly. This establishes a good rapport between a company and its customers, because even something as simple as a customised text message can improve a customer’s experience.

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